Home Renovations

Whether you are thinking about a kitchen, bathroom, basement – or any other type of renovation, chances are you have questions. Lots of them!

At the top of the list: how much will my new addition cost?

Other questions may include:

  • What structural issues need to be considered?
  • What kind of building permits do I need?
  • What are my best material options?
  • What are my design options?
  • What could my new renovation look like?
  • What kind of experience and qualifications should my contractor have?
  • How will my renovation be managed?
  • How long will my renovation take?
  • How much will my renovation cost?

This list of questions just scratches the surface for a major renovation project. But these are probably some the big ones that you need clear answers to before making a decision to go ahead confidently and choose a renovator or contractor.

That’s why Saywell Developments recommends starting with its FREE QUOTE. You’ll get answers to all of those questions and a lot more.